Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pattern Markers...

After working for years on knitting charts using a highlighter to mark my rows, I recently came across a knifty little idea... Pattern Markers. Pattern Markers are magnetic strips of ribbon used to keep track of the row you are working on. So crafty little me decided to make my own!

At Walmart I found 8" x 6" sheets of magnets with adhesive on one side, $1.97 for two sheets. I recently purchased rolls of 3/4" ribbon at Michaels for $0.50 each. Using my paper cutter, I cut the magnets into strips to fit the width of the ribbon, ending up 3/4" x 8" strips. I then cut 17" length of ribbon, and heat sealed the ends with my candle lighter. Then stick the magnet to the ribbon, one at one of the ribbon, and one at the other. You will then have a 1" gap of only ribbon in the middle. Fold the ribbon in half, and Presto!... Pattern Magnet and Bookmarks! Using both sheets of magnet, I got 6 long and 2 short markers.

The short markers are made the same way as the long, but one strip is cut into 2 pieces. Cut the ribbon to 9" long.

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